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Ramiro Roman, a.k.a. SKINCUBE, is a freelance artist from Los Angeles. He makes horror stuff, occasionally comics, album cover art, T-shirt designs, prints, and small illustrations. However, the memes and cartoons are just for fun.

Halloween 3
Mushita Hamu

“Ramiro’s art has the unblinking innocence of a cat, slowly pulling apart a lizard.”

– Robert Parigi; Filmmaker, Writer/Director

“The works of Ramiro Roman have this underlying beauty, even in his most repellent pieces, that leaves you every time anew with a feeling that you saw a little bit more than just a horror-comic.”

– Fabian Huebner; Designer, Filmmaker

Living Color



One of my main influences growing up as a kid was renting movies and wandering into the horror section to look at VHS tape covers. I wasn’t into comics until later, and even then I didn’t get into superhero stuff but older things like EC Comics, or weird stuff I’d find in white boxes. Like Slow Death.

I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember. Naturally my instincts led me to draw spooky stuff.

My medium for years was inks. Eventually I graduated to working digitally. I went to an art school and hated it. I had many friends at the time who were selling their work online, so I trained myself to do the same and dropped out of school. Very stupid idea, and I would never recommend it. But it did end up leading me to fall into freelancing, which I love doing.

Poster for Dedderz

Hexenkraft Album Art

I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember. Naturally my instincts led me to draw spooky stuff.

The Void
Swallow comic excerpt
The Mycologist

Horror is a great genre that you can do anything with. It can be funny, psychological, or even tailored for children. It allows itself to take on many forms. Even visually, when I make something, I keep in mind if I want it to feel silly, stylish, or just creepy.

My main goal with anything I make is to entertain. Nothing more. There are many ways to do that, of course. All subjective. At the very least I strive to make something that looks cool, or is interesting visually. I’ll sometimes make stupid memes or cartoons that I’ll share just for fun, and even if they carry some commentary, my goal is still to entertain someone with them.

What We Do comic excerpt


I think too many artists get bogged down in making statements with their work. They forget that it’s even fun to look at what they’ve made.


The Secret Flesh comic excerpt


I do commissions upon request. I prefer to work on a large space. Usually priced around $100-$200.

Will also do smaller illustrations, like thumbnail graphics/avatars, usually for very cheap.

If unsure, ask for a quote. I’m always willing to negotiate on prices.


The Secret Flesh comic excerpt


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Fhorggio Album Art

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